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To be frank with ya Daz,a couple of Harley guys I know recommended that I set that belt alittle on the loose side which is why I did it and glad I followed their advice.Now according to the article you read,a loose belt will break at what,around 30,000?? Well I've owned this thing for 13 months now and have 23,000 miles on it.So if we don't have a bad winter,I should have 30,000 miles on it by the end of the year.Now if it snaps,per the article you read,then we'll know they were right.but if it doesn't snap,then we'll know that they were wrong.Well I kinda doubt it will break.But let me also say this! If it does break,that machine is gonna disappear so fast that your head will spin and,that will be the first and last belt drive I'll ever own.I think that's called,when is enough , lol We'll see. Dave!!!
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