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Originally Posted by DruAde View Post
Id take a Tiger 800 any day . Its a fantastic bike for buzzing about . Pretty good on the big roads too with the little screen offereing a bit of protection and for ame a bit of buffetting over 70mph but hey ho.

Loved the Tiger 800 would have no problem owning one as a utility bike what so ever.

Replace my TBird , never.

Each bike for its own purpose. Look for that "do everything" bike and you will end up tearing your hair out. My TBird has its limitations . Its not the best long distance tourer , it isnt a sports bike for handleing it isnt the best in lots of traffic like the Tiger 800 and it certainly wont go up dirt roads like the Tiger. But hell I love my bird it gives me a grin every time I get on her .
That's why I started getting interedted in the seemed like it was close to a perfect "do everything" bike, and it may be. It just didn't elicit the same amount of joy that the Thunderbird did when I rode them.

Who knows, I have the Winter to think about it, I may change my mind 5 more times by Spring.
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