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Hi Daz.I was hopin I'd hear from ya via e mail,but I didn't.So here I am over here lookin for's what I found today.

As I said,I would measure the belt's free play [cold],mark that spot,go out for a decent ride to heat the belt up good,and when I came back,[belt hot],find the marked spot on the belt and take another measurement at that same place.So here's what I found.

Cold: At the spot I told you about,the belt had almost two inches of up and down movement.Now I'm not pushin it up and down real hard,but enough to move it pretty good.

Hot: Again at the same marked spot on the belt and pusing it up and down as I did when it was cold, exactly half of that or 1 inch of up and down movement proving that it does contract when hot.

My belt is wearing excellent,no noise,no chirping,no shiny black on either side indicating rubbing on the pulley,and she has that little extra play or up and down movement in the slot in the lower belt guard.

Anyways,I hope I answered your question,and if the belt continues to be too loose and then too tight,and you adjusted it as I suggested,then the only explanation I can offer is,somethin is moving.What we gotta do it find that "WHAT" lol Dave!!!
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