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Originally Posted by sleepyjohn View Post
Damn! I typed a long reply and promptly lost it! lol Can't do it again, so let me just say I ordered a set, wasn't happy with what I received and returned them. What I got may have resulted with an issue that developed with the owner and myself. That being said, some parts are hand made, which they don't tell you and I lost confidence in the product. They were never installed. You may be really happy as they appeared to have potential for a good product. Ask alot of questions and confirm the return policy. Hope this helps!

John in Texas
Thanks for the input but now you have piqued my curiosity on your other issues with the owner.
Handmade isn't always a bad thing, sometimes I prefer it to a machine. There are a number of processes that the Triumph goes through that are done by hand; like the paint job, they don't use a machine to paint the bikes, it's all done by hand. But back to your other issues. Did you have a problem with returning them? I did find out that J&P cycles carries them for Harleys so I have emailed them to get a little more info. I figure if J&P carries them, they can't be all that bad. If you are still looking, try Dennis Foran Razorbacks, I love the sound but they are pricy. Thanks again for your info.

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