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Originally Posted by qball62 View Post
Ah Hell.........Forget my last post, and buy the Storm. The thing will seep into your thoughts more and more. Kinda like an itch you can't scratch. Buy the Storm, and it will compliment the Bonneville SE because of the differences. Makes you appreciate both even more.
HAHAHA...yeah, you are has been seeping into my thoughts, hence the thread. I think if I buy the Tiger, I'll end up still wanting the Thunderbird shortly thereafter. Heck, the reverse may be true as well, but I find myself thinking about the Bird more than the Tiger. Turning point was yesterday...stopped back at the dealer just passing through. Showed my dad the Tiger, and it was cool, but kind of ho hum...then saw the Thunderbird outside, and got a little tingle in my nether regions. Could have been a small kidney stone or something, but I think it was the Thunderbird.

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