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Originally Posted by Ropeferry View Post
I've put 34,000 km on my Bonneville in the past 10 months. In other words, I like to take trips. Often these trips involve significant highway miles.

I now have my eye on a Storm. I love the performance and clean naked look.

So, here is my question/delema: please give me accessory recommendations that will allow me have the clean naked bike when at home, but add big ugly windshields, seats, and other creature comforts when heading out on multiple thousand km trips. Pictures will help. Prices will also help me understand the cost of a split personality bike vs. a T-bird touring.

Thanks in advance.
Seats are subjective - I have no problem with the factory seat - just did 1200 mile trip into Oregon last month. Windshield - I have the 2-UP Switchblade quick release from I don't like floorboards. You can also get the quick release brackets from the same place and now you have your choice of different kinds of leather or hardbags depending on the look you like - I'm eyeing the larger hardbags myself because they are waterproof and locking, the best for a long trip. Good choice of bike - one thing that you will notice is how perfectly balanced the bike is, and this translates into less fatigue at the end of the day. For example my buddy rides a 2007 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad 1600, fully decked out and dressed, blah blah - if you take your hands off the bars over 35 miles an hour they begin to wobble and you have to quickly grab them. At any speed, including 70mph on the freeway I can release my bars and hold my arms out like an airplane for as long as I want and steer the bike with just my body - it remains perfectly balanced and smooth. heh heh and I have pictures showing just such a thing!


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