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My dealer said you "can run 87" but you "should run 91". Now what the heck does that mean?? I just got back from a 1200 mile trip thru norther CA and into OR. Oregon gas is supposedly different than that CA formula - I ran 89 octane throughout the entire trip - I could tell no difference from state to state and got a solid 42-46 mpg. 42 on highways at 70-75 mph, and the higher mileage when in 35-55 mph zones. Locally I run 87 octane and can tell no difference from the 89. Perhaps I'm not pushing the bike hard enough to really tell the difference? I was taking an evening run last night without my windscreen just for the heck of it and the bike hits 80 in 3rd and 100 in 4th quick as a snake, and I never hear any knocking so I'm going to stick with the 87 for now.

I had the dealer load the TORS tune, and from that moment on the "first start fail" went away. I was so bummed that my brand new bike would never start on the first try cold, unless I added a little throttle while cranking, which you should NOT have to do. It's been months now and my bike starts first time, every time, cold or warmed up. I'm also running Hogslayers and UNI filter. Good luck to you guys.


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