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My experience is somewhat similar to what you're going through so I'll let you know what I did. For years I rode Harleys. But about a year and a half ago I traded and bought a BMW R1200RT. It was a great motorcycle with all the technological advances possible. Most of my riding is on back country roads. I don't do any 500 mile days on the interstate. I found myself bored on the RT on many of my 1-2 hour rides. I bought a bonnie as a second bike and really loved it. To me it was more like what motorcycle riding is supposed to be like. Even on a straight country road at 45-55 mph it was FUN. So I decided to sell the BMW and get the Thunderbird. After three weeks I don't regret it at all. It is the same kind of fun that the bonnie is. In fact, as much as I love the bonnie, I find myself always riding the Thunderbird.
Everybody is different and enjoys different kinds of riding. But from what you said, we have similar feelings when it comes to riding. I like the Tiger 800 a lot, but it does remind me of what the BMW was to me and may not give you the "motorcycle thrill" that the bonnie or Tbird would give you. If you really like the bonnie, I know you will like the Tbird. I can't be sure the same will be true about the 800. Maybe, maybe not.
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