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DocT - I purchased an Avon today - should arrive Wednesday and I'll get it put on straightaway and let you know. However - increasing tire pressure(past a certain point) starts decreasing the size of the surface patch of the tire touching the road. Over inflated tires will always wear out center first - even in car tires that are flat across the tread. Running proper tire pressure is more of a safety issue than anything else - you want the best surface contact for your tire, weight of your bike, etc. The owners manual reccommends 38 pounds on the factory rear Metzler. I've always ran mine between 39-40 pounds and wore the center of mine out too - and I'm at 5,800 miles, wear bars still visible so not quite yet bald. General rule, over-inflated tires wear out the center. Under-inflated tires wear out the outside. If you are already wearing out your centers, increasing tire pressure isn't going to prolong center tread life - it's physics - just won't happen.

Not sure this applies to bikes but to properly inflate a car tire for maximum foot print we use a trick I learned at the track. I have a '67 Camaro I quarter mile - You do a burnout - and then inspect the mark - if it's rubber heavy in the middle you decrease pressure - if it's rubber heavy on the outside you increase air pressure. As long as you are working in the safety margin of the tire itself, go for the pressure that works best for you - try changing just a couple pounds at a time and run it for a couple hundred miles and see how you like it. Good luck!


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