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Originally Posted by Sub View Post
How can I tell?

Why do people disable it?

Pull the left side cover and if you have the plumbing in this pic, you have it...

Disabling has stops header pipes from turning blue. However, with the triumph cruisers it doesn't matter because the headers are double walled and won't turn blue with or without it. The other one is that disabling it can stop popping when you decelerate. However, it's said triumph never enabled the SAI on the first run of Tbirds in '09, and the '10's and above don't even have SAI. So according to triumph no Tbird has ever run with SAI enabled. They show in the maps that they are checked, but i believe all that does is tell the ECU whether there is SAI installed on the bike so it knows to expect it for the malfuction light. So disabling it shouldn't do anything for the Tbird since no Tbird that has it is actually enabled. That said, i have plugged mine and found it to remove popping. That was when mine was a 1600. Since it's been a 1700 it doesn't pop much at all, and plugging the SAI now seems not to stop the tiny amount of popping left. One thing it does seem to do tho is make low speed cruising more stable feeling. So it does seem to have some affect even tho it's supposedly disabled. Maybe the solenoid somehow doesn't seal efficiently and some air gets thru even when closed, i don't know.

So thats my take, some fact, some educated guessing. If you have the plumbing in the pic you can try and plug it and see if you notice any affect. Just pull the upper hose off, put a piece of a plastic bag over the tube the hose goes onto and push the hose back on over the plastic to block air from going thru.
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