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fact: ask 10 dealers the same question and you'll get 10 different answers.

fact: if the dealer doesn't know the correct answer he will give you one anyways in order not to seem clueless.

Fact: most dealers and thier mechanics today are pathetically unskilled.

deduction: there can only be one right answer in most cases, therefore the fact that dealers grasp at any answer that works for them and all come up with different ones prove they are no better informed than members here. If anything LESS informed because people here research things and get all the answers and eventually come to the correct conclusion. Dealers never delve deeply into 95% of details like this.

Rule #1 : Take everything the dealer tells you with a grain of salt. I'm not going to tell dealer stories because i don't have that much time. But with all due respect, even considering anything they tell you as gospel or remotely close is naive at best.

That said, get tuneecu and the cable. Total cost, about $10-20. Then download the tors map and load it yourself. Triumph does NOT want dealers to tell you certain things due to any number of agendas, most of which are NOT for your own good. The tors map will make your bike run better. It won't hurt a thing. I ran it with and without tors. It cured issues i had with the bike and made it run better.
As to fuel, a number of members including myself found the bike runs better on mid grade 89 octane. Mine actually ran so much better there was a very noticeable power increase to the point that when i tried going back to regular when the prices soared i felt like the bike lost so much response i was bummed. This is odd because usually higher octane should cause the bike to run weaker if anything, and in other bikes where i tried it, it never gave me a power increase. And like i said, other found the same thing. I don't get it, but it's real. I first tried it as a 1600, so it's not about the BB kit which i now have with the same results.
If you want my recommendation, i say get the short tors and the tors map, a uni filter, and start running mid grade. You will have a new bike that makes your current one seem like a weakling.
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