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Well kids, i'm tempted to start a new thread to warn everyone but i'll just state it here and hope the word gets out. I just check my belt after the ride home from work, and once again it has gone from very loose when cold to very tight after the ride home. Thats 2 days in a row so this is no fluke.

Triumph's tightness spec is such that if it were much tighter it would likely cause premature belt wear or failure, and very possibly damage the output shaft bearing in time. And from what i am seeing here, the difference in tension in the belt from cold to hot is huge. And triumph says to set it cold ! No wonder mine was replaced under was set to triumph specs when cold, which means when hot it must have been stupid tight ! All they'd need to do is change thier procedure to say "adjust when hot" and there would be no issues.

All that said, i'm no expert on this so if i'm missing something please enlighten me. But i can't see what i could be missing.

I would like to talk to a triumph rep about this. I already know for a fact thier alignment procedure outlined in the manual is faulty, now it's looking like the tension procedure is too. Check your belt cold then hot !!! You could be running it far too tight.
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