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I picked up this thread this morning as I am now shopping for my 1st replacement rear tire. The variance in reported mileage is, frankly, astonishing to me. Could there be a huge difference in road composition, different tire batches from the factory? I am a first time rider, the Tbird is my first bike, so this tire has been babied more than most. I don't mind nailing gears 1-4 in a straight line occasionally but I'm a bit sedate in tight corners. I hit wear bars at 5,300 miles. Looking at the front I'm not at all sure it will last until 10k. I'm meticulous about maintaining tire pressures, check them weekly and keep them 1lb higher than factory recommended. I ride solo 100% of the time and weigh 200lbs. So I'm with some of you guys looking for a tire that will give more mileage for straightaway riding. I'm not sport biking it in corners so I don't need the stickiest tire, but neither do I want a clodhopper. I see some of the heavier bikes like the vulcan Nomad, and Rocket III, Yamaha cruisers are running the Bridgestone...and it's $60 cheaper. Still haven't decided tho because other than mileage I've had zero problems with the Metz.


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