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belt tension and heat

Has anyone noticed if thier belt gets tighter when hot? I adjusted mine the other day and i checked it this morning because it usually changes a bit after adjustment and a short ride, and i found it was quite loose. Not so much i wouldn't ride it like that tho, so i went the 12 miles to work. Drove home just now and was ready to adjust it when i pulled in but i checked it again and it was tight ! I pushed the bike forward a foot or so several times trying to see if there is a loose spot but it was even all around and quite a bit tighter than this morning. This morning it was cold when i checked it and when i got home it was of course hot from the ride. Plus the outside temp ranged from mid 60's this morning to about 85 when i rode home. Do they tighten up in heat? i would think the opposite, tho if the pulleys expand more than the belt i guess it could. I'll check it tomorrow morning and see if it's loose again.
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