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Hi Dazco, It a factory 1700 SE and has the short tors and factory performance air filter and although it sounds incredible, I'm experiencing a bit a backfiring. I am not sure what tune is on it, but I know its a Triumph one. The owner brought it to a dealer and they played with the available tunes until they found one that "worked" - I think they chose "tors with water pipe" or something like that?! It runs great - no hesitations or lagging, and its fast, but on throttle off it gives quite a large backfire sometimes. I don't mind a bit of backfire for character, but this is a bit loud for me.

Now I'm sort of thinking about it, is my problem just the tune? Is there a map available for a freer flowing air filter, no cat and short tors? Is that likely to fix the backfiring?

I thought I read somewhere that there is a control box or something that required the cat to be smaller or shaped a bit different on ABS models. My memory sort of sucks, so I may be confusing it with something else.
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