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The ride is the thing. The bike is what enables the ride. My sense is you should not let other clowns rain on your parade. Try to play nice and if others do not, then it is THEIR problem, and should not be yours. I decided a long time ago to wave to other riders. Don't really care if they wave back or not. Waving is just a respectful sign of acknowledgement of a fellow (or girl) rider. To me, it means I am enjoying riding and those who also ride. My bike is a British-made Triumph Thunderbird SE. It is understated, and if others do not like the styling, that is just fine with me. I bought the bike because I liked the workmanship, fit and performance. If someone tells me it is the ugliest bike they have ever seen, that does not bother me either. My liking the motorcycle has nothing to do with what others think of the bike, and I extend the same to folks with a different bike. If you look, you will find jerks riding virtually any bike ever made. Don't let that diminish in any way your ride or your riding. That's my stand, and I am sticking to it.
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