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Thats exactly what i'm talking about guys, except here it seems to happen with all riders. But the harleys guys especially. The funny thing is among HD riders they seem to be at one extreme or the other. I find most are as you say, but a few are very nice about it and come and talk to me about the bike and are very interested and complimentary. But theres no in between....they are either very interested and nice, or they are desperate to show you how infinitely uninterested thy are in your non american machine.

On a side note, i also find triumph riders to be almost as "nose in the air" about my bike as the HD guys ! They couldn't care less i'm on a triumph, especially the non cruiser guys IE: bonnies, sporties. Meridan riders....forget it ! I think they HATE anyone on a hinckley triumph i swear. A R3 or speedmaster guy might have a look but i really don't know because i've seen about 2 of them since '05 when i got my speedy !
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