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I think here in Los Angeles there is a far greater percentage of bikers with that snobby attitude where they want to at least PORTRAY themselves as totally uninterested in bikes besides their own. I don't hear this from others here, so it's gotta be a L.A. thing. You pull up to another bike and the guy will see the Tbird and look away so fast he almost breaks his neck, then makes sure his eyes are never pointed in the direction of my bike. Especially at bike hangouts. I pull up and it's like every eye in the place turns away. It's pretentiousness..."my bike is so fine i have no reason to look at your inferior machine". I swear it's rampant here and i find it amazing no one else notices this. Has no one seen this before? is it just L.A.? granted, i do get the occasional "wow" and "thats a beautiful bike" and all that. But mostly from people in cars or pedestrians, not bikers. there are exceptions, but it's rare.

Personally if i see a bike of any interest i am drawn to it. I don't understand how anyone wouldn't be. I saw a diavel a couple weeks ago and went up to the guy and asked him about it and had a little conversation. The Tbird is a triumph which in itself make it uncommon, then a new model, and a bike thats gotten lots of press with a ton of praise included and is to every eye that DOES venture a look a gorgeous machine. Yet nearly anyone on a bike acts as tho it's invisible. If i'm wrong about the reason for this, someone explain it to me because i can't see any other reason. Anyone in L.A. or other big cities notice this?
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