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Originally Posted by qball62 View Post
Problem is, people often try and make things perfect, and in the process they ruin what they loved about it in the first place. It's the quirks and things that you might feel make you less than fully comfortable that make them so thrilling. It's the IMPERFECTIONS that give you the thrill. Eliminate those things and you're in a car, so you may as well just drive a car then. Thats one of the biggest reasons that society is the stuffy boring existence it's become the pursuit of perfection, safety, etc, we've created a lifeless boring society. Sometimes there has to be some bad with the good or life ain't worth living.


Agree!!!!! How long have you had that pent up


I have both an '08 Bonneville and a '11 Storm. Wait 'till you ride both of yours back to back. Makes you appreciate them all the more. Does a bike have SOUL? Why many of us will forgo the niceties, plushness, and all the bells and whistles for a ride w/ SOUL. Lucky for us that both the Bonnie, and the Tbird have oodles of it. Almost like both bikes were dipped in a tank of it. Hard to explain until it takes your breath away, or makes you smile ear to ear.
I rode the TBird last night for about an hour. Just before I got home I went past a restaurant/bar that was having a small bike night. I got home, jumped on the Bonnie and went back to the bar. Not many people there but they all had something to say about the Bonnie. What a fun night!
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