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I never got the whole BMW, goldwing, etc etc thing. All those bikes with uber comfort and fairings, radios, all that junk....why? A car is basically the same thing with 2 more wheels. It's like you eluded to....the Tbird is a motorcycle and when you ride it thats what i sounds feels and smells like ! I don't even want a screen on mine. W/O that wind beating on me i don't feel like i'm riding a motorcycle. people bash me for wearing 1/2 or 3/4 helmets, but in a FF I feel like i'm in a car and enjoy the ride far less. The whole reason i love motorcycles is that feeling i got when i rode my first bike....the feeling like you're on a wild stallion with your whole being out in the wind, vulnerable as you may be, thats what makes them so thrilling. Like flying. Which would feel more like that, a 707 or a hang glider? the beemer is the 707. You know what the hang glider realized that when you bought the Tbird, a good move if you like motorcycles !

Problem is, people often try and make things perfect, and in the process they ruin what they loved about it in the first place. It's the quirks and things that you might feel make you less than fully comfortable that make them so thrilling. It's the IMPERFECTIONS that give you the thrill. Eliminate those things and you're in a car, so you may as well just drive a car then. Thats one of the biggest reasons that society is the stuffy boring existence it's become the pursuit of perfection, safety, etc, we've created a lifeless boring society. Sometimes there has to be some bad with the good or life ain't worth living.
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