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What I miss and what I like

As some of you may have read on this forum, I recently sold a fairly new BMW R1200RT and bought a TBird. I did this because I have enjoyed my T100 so much since I bought it a few months ago and have been so impressed with Triumph. After my first two weeks of riding my TBird I figured I would list what I miss about my RT and what I like about the Triumph.

What I miss:
The ability to raise and lower the windshield, to totally block out the wind or let it flow.
The ability to change the suspension on the go.
My Russell Day Long seat (best seat ever made).
The wind protection of the fairing when it gets cold at night and I don't have a jacket.

What I like about the TBird:
I feel like I'm sitting on a motorcycle, riding a motorcycle vs sitting in Captain Kirk's chair guiding the starship Enterprise.

Don't get me wrong, the BMW is an unbelievable piece of machinery, it's just not what I'm looking for when I go out for a ride. I found myself getting bored when riding on a flat straight road on the BMW. On the TBird even on these roads it's fun.
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