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Originally Posted by dazco View Post
Thinking of a short camp trip with a friend, and i have no sissy bar or any type of rack. I do have some small throw over bags for clothes and all that, but nothing to put a tent and bag on. I need to get a new bag if i go anyways, so i can get one of those small compact ones. but i'm wondering if i can tied them to the bars. text is possibly a bit big for that tho. I''ll have to get into my storage to see. but has anyone done this and got any pics?
Hi Dazco

Buy a tarpulin with eyelits and all you need is to tie a cord onto the handlebar of your bike and across to a mates handlebar drape the tarpulin over the cord and have 6 or so wee tent pins tieing the tarpulin hard down to the ground in direction the wind is coming and on an angle on the opposite side, lay out you and your mates sleeping bags on a small self inflating air bed then pull out the dozen beers and bobs your uncle. We used to do this all the time in the army and we call it a hoochie.

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