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I understand the setting dilemma. I ran with position 3 with my wife on the pillion and grounded out the rear welded flange of the exhaust box under the engine/gearbox on a sharp corner. Too low a setting for a softer ride will allow the rear shocks to compress and risk grounding in some circumstances, not pleasant. Too high a setting will be noticeably harsh over bumps. I haven't settled on a solo position yet but it's unlikely to be 1 on our twisty Devon roads so it depends on both your load, the types of road you regularly use and whether you have just moved to cruisers from superbikes which will affect your corner entry speed until you know the cruiser limitations. I have come from a BMW with push button suspension selection for both load (preload of rear shock) and comfort/normal/sport damping so am finding things a bit primitive suspension-wise.
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