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Well..... If I could just add my situation/findings/beliefs... I have had "The Noise" in mine for most of its 5000k's.. Adjusted rear wheel to try to get the belt to run true in the centre of the pulley.. sometimes this seems to quiet it down...but usually only for a short time.... I haven't ridden it for about 6 weeks, (incapacitated ) but had a mate down form interstate and offered him to ride it for me.... He's thinking of getting off his Rocket3 and onto a Victory.... Anyhows when he came back after about 150km I heard The Noise quite loudly, so we decided to investigate a bit more...

We marked adjacent parts of pulley and axle and S/arm with tape and found it was always in the same spot during rotation that it occurred.... Getting very close to it, I BELIEVE THE NOISE IS FROM THE CUSH DRIVE/PULLEY...

To my amazement, I could actually move the pulley in the cush drive, and this appears to be where "The Noise" is emanating from.. I can move it by holding it with 2 hands opposite and twisting, pushing pulling...sort of thing !!!!!!!

Now I know there is probably a bit of free play here, but with mine, it appears to me that with the belt tight, it is actually twisting the pulley away from its true alignment to the front pulley.... Hard to explain in writing, but its like it is not running parallel to the rim, if u follow what I mean,,,

I think my next move will be to remove the rear wheel and check the cush drive and maybe lube it up with some good rubber grease.....

Question is.... HAs anyone had issues with the cush drive or found this area to be the cause or not the cause... either way??????

Cheers, JD
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