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I think something else that I am trying to get used to is that this bike is just overall more noisy. Mine is the big bore from the factory and when it's not warmed up, there's a lot of noise from the bike in general. It smooths out as the bike warms up, but never goes completely away. Part of this is due to the bike itself, but I think part of it is also due to the fact that the bikes are made to be so quiet these days. In all honesty, older bikes made a lot more noise, but their exhaust notes were so much louder that we didn't hear it as much.

Riding a motorcycle, for me, is a little bit about being less than perfectly refined. I think part of what I'm forgetting is that piece. There's also times where I just have to say "what the hell" and ride. If she's going to rattle apart, make noise or just plain give up on me, at least I'll be riding with the wind in my face when it happens.

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