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Triumph Big Rig Demo Event cancelled :-(

So I was all set to visit my two local Triumph dealers last weekend and this weekend as the Triumph Big Rig Demo Event was being held at each respective location. Rather than lusting (as I have for the last year) after some abstract thing that I'd only read about and saw in magazines (and sat on once at a dealership), I was finally going on an extended test ride on the Thunderbird and Storm (and maybe a Bonneville for giggles). I'd finally get a true taste of what I plan to (hopefully) own next spring, and had been looking forward to these demo events for months.

Then the night before I check the calendars of Triumph and my local dealers, and see that the events in my area -- in fact, near as I can tell, the entire west coast of the United States -- has been cancelled. Needless to say, I was incredibly disappointed. Yeah, I know I can always take a demo ride at my dealer, but I'm not yet ready to buy and don't need the sales pressure to do so early. Oh well...guess I'll finally get in the saddle in the spring, finances allowing.

The guy at the dealership couldn't (or wouldn't) tell me why Triumph pulled the plug on all the events. Anyone have any insight?
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