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Is it a 1600 in 100% stock form? If so, does it do this when warm only or even on cold startup? If only when warm, this is a issue many of us had till we got TORS and the appropriate map, and even those with stock pipes have used the TORS tune to fix that issue. It also seems to run better overall with that tune. You can also try the 12 minute tune, then if that doesn't do it get tuneecu and the cable needed to use it and load the TORS tune. The 12 minute tune works as follows...

1)-start bike without touching the throttle. (should never do that anyways)
2)-let idle till you see the radiator fan come on. usually about 10 minutes.
3)-at the point the fan comes on start keeping time and after a full 12 minutes turn the bike off.

That may or may not fix it for you. I suspect no, but it's worth a try and i think some have found it to fix that issue. In any case, if it does this cold it may be a different issue.
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