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Ok, here's some info i just got from avon, and it just goes to show you that you cannot believe anyone about anything regardless of who ! Someone i believe here said they called avon and was told they have tires in the works for our bikes since they have nothing now that is matched. They have our size for our rear in the storm ultra, and our front size in the cobra, but nothing that matches in the same model.

so i called them a few weeks back to get the details after a member here posted about this and heres what i was told, and i'm paraphrasing....

we will be pairing the current cobra front with the storm ultra rear but beefing up the utra rear to be beefy enough for the Tbird
then i call again this morning to ask if i can use the current ultra rear and he tells me this after i tell him what someone else there told me when i called a few weeks back...

who did you talk to? (my answer was didn't get his name) well, we would not match a storm with a cobra as thats a mismatch. They would be making something to match the ultra rear. (Me: so why can't i use the current rear since it's rated for a bike like mine as far as weight and speed. the other guy said you'd be beefing that up) No, we will just be making a front tire to match it, but till then i cannot recommend it. (Me: there are a number of people running them on the Tbird now) People do a lot of foolish things.
So there it is....totally different/opposite things from 2 different avon employees. Can you believe ANYTHING you're told today !!! Geez....
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