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Nope....ain't gonna happen unfortunately. Getting scratches out of chrome isn't possible regardless of what anyone tells you. I have some in my tors too, and a dent as well where i dropped a socket. Man these things dent easy ! Anyways, i have tried everything but chrome cannot be fixed in any way aside from having them rechromed. You can try to polish out scratches with a very fine metal polish and microfiber, but the best you can do is improve them about 20% at most. The problem is that chrome is super hard and anything abrasive enough to remove scratches will only add worse scratches or go thru the ultra thin chrome finish. Even when you polish with a abrasive metal polish no matter how fine, regardless of whether or not any of the flaws come out to any degree, you may not see it but the polishing will add fine scratching or haziness that you will be able to see under certain light conditions.

Not to sound like i'm blowing my own horn, but i've been polishing metals for many years and i'm fairly knowledgeable about i. But chrome is the one thing i've never found way to fix. I too have asked in desperate hope that someone would have an answer that no one else seems to know of, but like anything else, if there was an answer you'd find it easily online. I'm fanatical about my bike's looks and have a lot of flaws in many of my chrome parts, so i'd be the first one in line if there was something that worked. But there isn't so i live with it.

Anyways, i feel your pain because i bought a used set of tor shorts that was pretty beat up, and i liked them so much i figured i'd sell them and get a fresh new flawless set. I did that and quickly proceeded to add those scratches and that dent ! ARG !!!!!
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