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They're talking about the small hoses that attach to the map sensors. they are a biotch to get to if you do it the regular way, IE: remove or lift the tank, then a mess of a wiring harness and just a real pain. But over at the other forum someone showed how you can do it w/o removing anything by just going under the tank ! If you know what to look for should be pretty easy since the hoses are attached UNDER the map sensors, so they are naturally going to be easier to get to from below. I just never thought to look. The only issue according to the thread is when the engine is hot you obviously are going to cook your arm on the valve cover a bit. But the person who started the thread said it happened to him on the road and he was able to re-attach it just by reaching under the tank. This is good news because when i had to do it the process turned into a major PITA that took a hour or more with all the [email protected] i ran into. Wish i'd thought to try this !

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