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Originally Posted by wallacej View Post
How did you adjust it?. My mid size screen makes my head vibrate at hyway speed and my eyes can't focus .
I fabricated a pair of brackets from steel plate and moved the lower mounting posts about an inch forward.

From all the conversation on the subject of windscreen buffeting, it seems that no two of us experience buffeting the same. Some guys are happy with the stock screens but a lot of us find the buffeting pretty extreme.

To test whether angling the screen back would reduce buffeting, first remove the screen from the bike. Then just attach the screen to the top mounts only and let the bottom of the screen rest on the lower mounts. This moves the bottom of the screen about an inch forward. Duct tape the crap out of everything to make sure it doesn't come loose and flip up into your face and take it out for a spin into the wind.

I saw a major improvement when I did that test, and now that the screen is permanently adjusted at that angle I would say that the buffeting is about 90% better. This winter I may fab another pair of lower mount extensions and see if another 1/4" would get the last 10%.
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