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Originally Posted by Stratofaster View Post
The bike I demo'd had the tall screen. It buffeted horribly. The salesman said he had the same issue with it, so he put the shorty screen on and I tried it. The shorty screen buffeted horribly as well. The salesman said that his favorite was the mid-size screen, and he is about my height so when I bought my SE it was with the agreement that I would have the mid-sized screen as part of the deal.

The mid-sized screen buffeted horribly, knocking my head around and making highway riding very uncomfortable.

I found that by adjusting the angle of the screen I could almost eliminate the buffeting. I expect that for me, any of the three screens would have worked with the same angle adjustment. I am glad to have the mid-sized screen because I think it looks much better on the bike than either of the other two, and with the angle adjustment it works very well for me.
Thanks for the info.
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