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This is so coincidental, but I just got back from a long ride a couple hours ago and this is what happened. And i swear to god it's true.....i'm not making this up. I was in back of 2 typical harley guys with the bandanas and all that. One of them pulls next to me and asks directions. I told them pull over and i'll tell them because i couldn't hear them well nor them me. Anyways, this turned into more of a Tbird appreciation meeting than a stop to give directions. (they loved the bike and kept telling me so over and over) But the funny thing is, one of them couldn't get over how much he liked the...........wait for it...................REAR FENDER !!! LOL! I kid you not. He kept describing all the ways it looked cool, the shape, the tail light, etc etc. He just loved the rear fender and was fixated on it. It didn't hit me how funny this was in relation to this thread till just now when i saw this thread again after my first reply. Anyways, i just had to post this.
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