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I'm not surprised at all that the dealer won't swap shields. The Roadster shield is shipped to the dealer along with the rest of the promo package specifically marked for the bike that was sold. If the dealer trades you shields then it has to order in the one that you want, do the trade, and now they are stuck with the other shield in their inventory. That ties up money on their end. If it is a small dealer that normally doesn't carry the shied in stock that is not a good thing. Part returns for vehicle dealers are only typically done once or twice a year, and some parts can't ever be returned. Back in my auto part days I remember throwing away brand new obsolete parts. That shield you want to trade today could end up sitting in their inventory for 20 years, and eventually end up getting tossed, or have to be sold using more creative methods like Ebay. Most dealers don't want to risk that.
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