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If the recall is the fender bolt issue, i wouldn't drive 1000 miles for that ! Heres all it is....the bolts that hold the front fender on are to be changed for new ones. The bolts the recall calls for are the SAME bolts that are in there now. Theres only one difference....the threads have some red threadlocker on them. Thats it ! The reason is thi....the bolts are on the inside of the fork. In other words, they screw into the fork from the tire side. Go look at the bike and you will see what i mean. therefore if they came loose and worked thier way out they would contact the tire and cut into it. the recall simply is to have threadlocker on the bolts. Instead of taking the bolts out and putting threadlocker on them they just send the dealers new bolts with TL already on them.

that said, chances are very slim yours will come loose any more likely than any other bolt on the bike. But because they want to eliminate this as a safety issue they do a recall to help make themselves less accountable in case of a incident so it they are sued they can cite the recall to show they were being responsible in eliminating the issue.

So if i were you i would do one of 2 things...either remove the wheel yourself and take the bolts out one at a time and put some blue locktite on them then torque them down, or with your finger check all 4 for looseness before each ride and wait till the next service to have them do it and kill 2 birds with one stone. (such a long ride to dealer you need to make each trip count !) They aren't likley to work thier way out, but if they do it would not happen all of a sudden. It would work it's way out slowly over the course of probably hundreds of miles.

Sounds from your post you probably don't have a bike jack so doing that yourself is probably out. So i would simply check them periodically and wait for the next visit. This did happen to one member and it ate a groove in the tire, but he saw it before anything happened, and he's the only one out of probably a few 1000 birds sold so far that i have seen and certainly the only one on all the forums. I believe his incident is probably what prompted triumph to do this recall. Checking them b4 each ride till you need to go to the dealer for the next service is your best bet because it's just extremely unlikely to happen. Too bad the closer dealer closed...thats a major bummer. Mine was 40 miles and i thought that was bad. 500 is an overnighter if not 2-4 of them.
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