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Just to keep things in perspective, and with all due respect qball62


All can say anything as long as you say with all due respect (lol).

My point being in tight twisties the T100 is more nimble, and let's you carry higher entry speeds. Mid corner corrections also favor the T100. The Storm is slightly behind in these areas, and not because of ground clearance, but because of weight. Nimbleness is good handling......period.
Now on high speed twisties the game changes more in favor of the Storm. The Storm carries it's weight at speed remarkably, and corner exits are orgasmic. Two bikes that both handle well, but in different ways. The Storm is a dream around town, but just not as flickable as the T100. On the highway the Storm is much more planted, and stable at anything approaching say 60 mph turns.

Back to the thread: If you want a tourer the RT is the bike to have. Everything from the fairing and windshield is in harmony and makes for a comfortable ride.
The T100 is a excellent all rounder, especially around town, and tight back roads.
The TBird is again an excellent all rounder, but I doubt it's comfort level compares to the RT when eating miles.
The TBird is excellent configured as a roadster (much better than the T100), and can also eat miles, but the ergonomics (fairing, and windshield) are not on par w/ the RT.

Conclusion: T100 rocks on 200-300 mile trips, on backroads. Comfort is an issue the longer the ride.

TBird rocks on superslab on 200-300 mile trips. Can also handle the tight stuff of the backroads. Much more comfortable and relaxed than the Bonneville on the superslab.

RT is the weapon of choice for long touring. Everything work in conjunction to that purpose.

So I guess it all depends on the riding you do. I have the T100 and the Storm because I rarely stray more than a couple hundred miles from home, and the differences, as well as the similarities in each are a shear joy under one garage roof. If I ventured to long touring the RT, or the Sprint would be my choice, and a decision would have to be made on keeping either the Storm, or T100. Tough choice.......gladly one I don't have to make.
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