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I own both the Storm and an '08 T100, and am quite the happy camper. Since buying the Storm in April, it has taken my passion for the T100 to an even higher level (my favorite bike hands down). Neither bike sits in the garage for more than a couple of days, but the difference is striking. Especially when jumping from one to another in the same day. The Storm is a stunner, w/ outstanding torque, and a smooth power delivery. The Storm handling is second to none in the cruiser market, but pales to the handling and nimbleness of the T100. I swear I can jump curbs going from the Storm to the T100.
All that being said: If you were looking at trading any bike but the RT I would say go for the Storm. There's a reason you can never get your hands on a used RT w/ low miles......they are that damned good. The Thunderbird in any trim is an excellent choice, but the year in,year out mileage eater has always been the RT. The difference between either the RT and the Storm with the T100 is sooooo pleasantly striking. The reason for having two bikes is the variety between them, not the similarities. Kinda like a pastrami sandwich w/ a big pickle on the side (compliments each other). If you love the T100 then keep it (it's the pickle in this lunch equation), and decide which between the RT and TBird is going to be that big pastrami sandwich.
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