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There are a number of products that will do the same. I have a few. Removing them has never been a problem....It's the fact they reappear the second you wipe the tank down again. Just wiping it down with a microfiber cloth re-applies them. polishing them out daily is the only solution, but if you did that you'd likely wear thru the clear coat within a year.

I find the best solution is to polish them out maybe once a month or so and in between use products that help cover them up rather then remove them. Mothers sealer/glaze rubbed into the paint (unlike the instructions which say wipe on, dry, wipe off) as you would with polish, then wiped off with some liquid performance spray cleaner/wax does a good job of hiding scratches till they get too much and time to polish again. really crappy paint. I wish they'd go back to REAL paint.

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