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Like i said, you MUST get a long demo ! No amount of talk and mental back and fourth is going to yield a decision for you. I would try and find a storm so you can feel the 1700 engine too. The 1600 can be quite mild. I felt it was underpowered till i got the short pipes and accompanying tune. And the 1700 with pipes was a lot more even. Then with a few mods and the right fuel and oil it becomes so much more fun ! And if you aren't into speed, no matter. That isn't even the point of adding more grunt...the big torque is all about the feel and pull, not speed. If you rode mine i think you'd see the RT by tomorrow ! The 1700 and a few tweaks and it's just irresistible. But you have to at least see what they feel like for a hour or 3. Get a long demo !!!!!
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