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That shouldn't be considered the norm between the 1600 and 1700 tho because there are guys who get down into the 30's with 1600's and guys getting almost 50 with the 1700. There are probably a ton of reasons why. But look at me...i had the 1600, then got the 1700 kit. The difference was only 2-3 as i said, and thats with the same rider, same roads, everything the same except the pistons and cams. Granted, i get about 4-5 less now after modding things a bit and getting a good deal of power for it. But thats different.

That video is nuts !!! LOL!!! But heres the thing....if thats the only riding he'd be doing it would be foolish to get any Tbird, but instead a 250 or such would be better ! I'd bet if he's after a Tbird he's not going to only be riding in conditions like that. But if he is then i 1700 for sure. i'd be looking at a bonneville.

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