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Originally Posted by Haggis View Post
Motul is basically the same as Mobil1, but half the price and works great. I get mine from the Honda "Powerhouse" just round the corner from me.
Maybe it's different up there, but here they cost about the same, tho the 7100 is a bit more than M1. No where near double tho. More like 3-5% more. The motul blend is about the same or even cheaper, but i wouldn't compare the 2 because thats blend and the M1 is full synthetic, or so it's supposed to be. Just so happens i have a gallon jug of motul 7100 full synth that arrived a day after i changed my oil with M1. Why? Because while i was waiting for the motul to arrive i was looking at the amsoil white paper and motul 7100 came in way down the list. it was about in the bottom 25% and failed at least one test. So i did a search to see what else i could find and a guy on a forum somewhere who in so many words (paraphrasing here) said if you don't want to believe me thats ok, but i have torn apart engines that ran motul and found bearing wear that was unacceptable. he went on to explain this was apparently not just one isolated instance.

So after reading that i decided to use M1 again like i did in my speedmaster and just use the motul to top off the bike when i change the oil with 4 quarts of M1 instead of buying 5 quarts and using 1/2 of one. (bike takes around 4.5 quarts) Instead i'll just add the last 1/2 quart using the motul. And i researched mixing oils and the old wives tale about mixing being bad is just that. Mobil says only mix the same brands, but i think thats just being anal or more likely a marketing ploy. And by the way, i'm not saying motul is bad, only that more than one instance in my research about it suggested that so i'm just being safe rather then sorry.

Ok, i found the thread and i was off a good bit, but if anything it sounds as bad or worse....

I have seen inside lots of these engines so my advice is based on real world experience.
All the engines I have seen run on the 7100 Motul show much more bearing wear than the bikes run on 300V 15w50 or Agip 10w60.
The top end doesnt really seem to suffer but the bottom does.

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