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Yep, any triumph forum is gonna tell you to get a harley not a triumph, and any triumph forum is going to tell you to buy the triumph. However, there are totally different reasons. Triumph owners compare using facts, harley guys compare using emotions. They love harleys for reasons that have little to do with the bike's performance, reliability, handling, or any other factual non subjective details. I will tell you the facts,,,

1)-pretty much no harley is going to handle as well as the Tbird, most not remotely close

2)-few harleys will keep up with the 1600 tbird, none except the Vrod will likely keep up with the 1700 Tbird.

3)-Tbird won cruiser of the year in cycle world's yearly shootout among cruisers and every review with the exception of possibly one i have seen has raved about it and called it the best handling cruise they've ridden.

I would also say the bird is likely more reliable, but being a new model i can't say that is a fact, tho so far it seems to be shaping up that way. By the way, the storm is already out and many people are riding them now ! And a big thing to consider is that the storm is the 1700 engine while the regular Tbird is the 1600. However, the 1700 pistons and cam kit is available and with dealer installation the cost is around $1700-2000 USD depending on the shop. I went that way, and i have heard from 2 sources that the kit may actuially have hotter cams and therefore stronger than the storms engine. Thats NOT a fact, but coming from 2 sources it's possible i suppose. So it is *possible* you may get more power going that route. But the best reason to go that route is if you prefer the regular Tbird to the storm. And speaking of that, aside from the cosmetic differences they are the EXACT SAME BIKE in every way except the handlebars and 1700 engine and twin headlights. So they will handle the same and perform the same assuming you do the 1700 kit to the regular Tbird.

And lastly let me say a thing or two about the engines. In a word, get the 1700 ! Whether by getting the storm or by getting the regular bird and having the kit put in, the 1700 is really the way to go. I'm running the 1700 with triumph short pipes, a uni filter, and a custom map and the bike is far far more powerful than the stock 1600 or even quite a bit more than a stock 1700. The stock pipes and tune are very mild and the engine doesn't run optimally at all. Once it is you will have passing power to spare.
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