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Originally Posted by Sub View Post
Dtbird, what did your bike msrp at? They will only do $1100 off the storm and 15% off accessories.. Is that any good? It sounds like you got more like $2000 off?!

I went and rode it today.. It's great! I think the price over the 1600 is worth it for the hp and I love the headlights. I still had mega crotch muscle pain, but. I can mitigate it by putting my heels up or feet on the back pegs.

I guess it's deal time..! Let me know what a fair price off the bike is.. With 2012's coming they should be dropping, but that won't be till october or so.
My Thunderbird had an MSRP at $13,799. I was able to get them to take off $1449 but I still had to pay the dealer fees and documentation fees which brought the price to $13,500 and then they included the Longhaul package which was listed at $1360. So overall I saved about $2,800. I forgot when I put this in last time that I did pay the tax on the $13,500.
Now is the time to probably to get some of the best deals on a 2011 since the 2012's are going to coming out this fall. I hope your dealer is willing to work with you.
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