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Originally Posted by dtbird View Post
I went from riding a sport bike to a Thunderbird 1600 with ABS, and yes it does feel a lot different riding a cruiser than a sport bike. As far as the price goes you should be able to talk them down. I was able to get my 2011 Thunderbird ABS and 2 tone paint down to $13,500 out the door with tax and dealer fees, also was able to get the dealer to throw in the long haul package (roadster windshield, longhaul touring seat, and sissy bar) in for that price. I could have also got the Storm for the same price minus the longhual package.
Best of luck and hope you are able to get a great deal on your Tbird.
Dtbird, what did your bike msrp at? They will only do $1100 off the storm and 15% off accessories.. Is that any good? It sounds like you got more like $2000 off?!

I went and rode it today.. It's great! I think the price over the 1600 is worth it for the hp and I love the headlights. I still had mega crotch muscle pain, but. I can mitigate it by putting my heels up or feet on the back pegs.

I guess it's deal time..! Let me know what a fair price off the bike is.. With 2012's coming they should be dropping, but that won't be till october or so.

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