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The BMW is a totaly different bike . I dont think you could ever compare it to the TBird in ride comfort , handleing or indeed performance. The BM has better clearance better touring comfort with the fairing and much better top end . The TBird is cool, very good handling for a cruiser and huge amounts of gob low down torque. It will cruise comfortabley at 80mph but it will not be the comfortable ride you get on the 1200 BM because of the fairing.

As daz and Engage say you must find a dealer who will let you have the bike for a good few hours to test it or you could be making a huge mistake. You might find its exactly what you are looking for or you might find the touring comfort of the BM is not something you want to trade .

You dont ride the BMW and look at it a say now theres class machine though . Its what it says on the tin, a comfortable tourer that protects your riding experience from wind blast for many mile on a big long journey.

Im not trying to put you off because I love my TBird and would never trade her for anything but just be carefull and mindfull of what you want on your ride.

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