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I went riding into the mountains this past weekend with a group of riders who were riding BMWs and Ducatis. It was my first ride into the mountains and they riding a little aggressively for my ability. The RT certainly was capable of a lot more than I asked of it, but riding aggressively on the twisties is not my idea of a nice Sunday ride. I think I'd be happier cruising on a nice country road than speeding through the mountains, or cruising on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Coming home we were in a hurry and we took the interstate for much of the ride. The RT was great at 80 mph (felt like the safest part of the ride for me). So I'm still torn trying to figure out if the Thunderbird would be better for me. I do know that I would never have been able to even come close to keeping up to that group if I was on one of my previous bikes (Harleys). And getting up to the Blue Ridge Parkway from where I live involves going up into the twisties where the RT really does great. So I'll keep going back and forth in my mind as to whether I should trade the RT for a Thunderbird.
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