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Originally Posted by curtis41 View Post
To each his own, said the farmer, as he kissed the cow. What do you expect from a country's language, where you PARK on the DRIVEWAY and you DRIVE on the PARKWAY? Using that kind of logic, then your driver's license for a motorcycle should be called a RIDER'S LICENSE, but it isn't. Sometimes, you don't even get a special license, you get an ENDORSEMENT. I wonder if ENDORSEMENTS actually help get someone elected. It DOES, however, let motorcyclists DRIVE or RIDE on public roads. Some say TOMATO, some say TOWMATTO. Your mileage may vary, depending on whether your blood pressure rises because of the imperfect speech of others, or not. And of course, YOU with the perfect lip (and vocabulary), blew out the candle.
Well said!
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