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must have been built on monday or a friday blues

Love love love my thunderbird! BUT have been having some Hot starting problems with it. Have had back to the dealer 3 times now. The O ring has been replaced for the fuel pump. Mapping hoses have been checked and ok'd, throttle body hose checked and ok'd. Fuel pump pressure which they say is measured in "bars" should be at 3.5 bars. Mine with key in on position is at 3.45 bars and drops 3 bars. The computer does not give them a code as to what the problem is.

So I have let my frustration be known to them and that I don't blame them for the problem as triumph in Atlanta has not been able to give them any solutions. My dealer solution is to replace the fuel pump and regulator for fuel pump.

Today riding it home got caught in traffic line up and was crawling for about 15 minutes. During that time when fan kicked in the rpm shot up to 2000 rpm for about 20 to 30 seconds then back down to normal. It has never done that before.

I love the bike and the ride, can't get enough of it! But this is starting to wear on me. Sure glad for the 2 year warranty.

Well techies anyone out there with any ideas? I am mechanically challenged so I am at their mercy on this one.
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