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Great ! Can bus i believe is the ECU's method of talking to the 02 sensors if i'm not mistaken. Could be that one of the sensor connectors wasn't making great contact and is a bit intermittant. That would account for the way it threw a code then didn't once cleared. If it does it again i would unhook the connectors and shoot some contact cleaner in them the re plug em. They're kind of a pain to get to, and it would be hard for me to explain how, but it's a real pleasure trying to get them unplugged. I took mine off and am running a custom tune that has the sensors turned off.
And yes, a donation to tuneecu is possible. They have a donate button on the site. I donated myself because i could not see NOT doing so when these guys have created and given away such a great app that is like the $500 tuneboy but costs $0 ! I wish everyone would dontae to them, as they not only deserve it but it would ensure further improvement and support.

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