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Originally Posted by Overkill0084 View Post
I've been toying with the idea of getting a T-bird SE lately. I started a thread in Twins talk and it appears that things have moved around a bit so I wanted to get this going in the right section.
Today I went and test drove a demo T-bird that is at my nearest dealer. I had previously tested a Storm and was impressed. Today I wanted to see if there was any issues with my large feet and the heel/toe Shifter setup. It worked our ok with that. I am seriously considering getting it but I was curious about a few things.
1. From what I have read, the T-bird has come through it's introduction with very few teething problems. That said, are there any issues I need to be aware of?
2. Maintenance. What sort of maintenance schedule does it have? Are there any weird issues I need to be aware of? Like half the bike needs to come apart for a simple service item or something of that nature. Belt drive, How long is the belt good for?
3. IIRC the T-bird SE had an MSRP of $14,999 brand new. Considering the relative rarity (around here at least), would $13,500 be considered a reasonable asking price for a demo with 2500 miles on it?
4. Do the saddle bags come off without a handful of tools. Me and the salesman were properly defeated by them if they just pop right off.
5. Ideas? Suggestions?
The Carnival Red SE supply is running low in the Brand new out of the box bikes. My dealer said she'd have to go out of state to find one. This configuration was the direct competition to the HD Soft Tail Heritage Classic. I bought mine at the end of October and they took a grand off of the top. List price was $15,800. After tax, title and license, I drove her out at $15,800. ABS was included with all of the other goodies.

I paid $11.95 per qt for 5 qts and $13.50 for the filter plus an hour and a half labor for the 500 mile service. They did the recalls at the same time. My next service is at 6,500 miles. With no other issues you have 4000 miles before you pay for service. The warranty is 2 years unlimited miles from the date of purchase so you lose nothing there.

I did have a loose hose clamp but fixed that myself with a screwdriver. As mentioned the saddle bags come off in less than 60 seconds from the factory brackets and take about twice as long to re-install. The factory brackets are black and show with the bags off. Easy Brackets have a specific set for the T'Bird with the backrest. Fast Eddy sells them (last time I checked about $135). They look good, are lockable and make removing and replacing the bags a snap. Once installed you can reuse the factory bags or a variety of aftermarket bags.

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